Quatre Enveloppés

Installations/performances: come and become a dancer to see a danced film.

Artiste associée pour « Enlève tes chaussons rouges, Festival de films dansés » (2021)

Programming and general coordination: Marie-France Aubert, Chloé Cavillier, Margot Merzouk, Robin Miranda das Neves, Damien Truchot 

Graphic conception: Melvin Ghandour

My intention was to create an airlock of sensitive attention, to oneself, in connection with the screened works. In the cinema, on the way to the film, an experience, an invitation to a more sensitive, tailor-made reception. Sound, voices, rare objects... and, once, my dancing body.

Films « enveloppés* » :

Movies presented as "Enveloppés*" The Wizard of Oz, The Eve of Ivan Kupala, Attenberg, Felix in wonderland. 

*Enveloppé (in dance): an auxiliary step used as momentum to give the body an impulse that makes it turn. The enveloping action of a leg, executed vigorously, gives the body the impetus to turn.