Traviata, Vous Méritez un avenir meilleur

Adapted of Traviata from Verdi

Performance of Flora in 2018-2019

Dramaturgy, assistant director, subtitles creation 

Created in Septembre 2016 at Bouffes du Nord, Paris

International tour 2016-2019

Photo credit: Simon Gosselin

Conception: Benjamin Lazar, Florent Hubert and Judith Chemla

Direction: Benjamin Lazar

Arrangements and musical direction: Florent Hubert and Paul Escobar

"A obsessive and paradoxical perfume of dream and reality floats around Traviata, as if the life and death of this so-called "rogue" woman seemed both more real and more elusive than those of other lyrical heroines. Giuseppe Verdi managed to imbue his musical fabric with this perfume of rare flower essences, alcohols, medicines, caressed skin and supposedly odourless silver, just as it had evaporated from the story of the courtesan Marie Duplessis, who died in 1847, six years before the opera's premiere in Venice.
In "Traviata - Vous méritez un avenir meilleur", the audience is invited into the intimacy of Violetta to get a close-up view of the fire in which she indulges, among the guests at this musical and phantasmagorical feast where theatre and opera, spoken voices and sung voices mingle, where the distinction between instrumentalists and singers is blurred, where Charles Baudelaire sits next to Christophe Tarkos and where the ghosts of this Paris in the throes of an industrial boom whose future we are now living through sing and die." Benjamin Lazar (translated)